Microsoft 365


Access email and files from virtually anywhere at any time, improve and simplify collaboration, use the best programs on nearly any device, secure and streamline your data and file storage.

How Microsoft 365 Will Improve Your Experience:

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a Cloud based plan which allows you to store your files and emails, and use all of the usual Microsoft programs (formerly called Office) online, or ‘in the Cloud’.

It’s the next step up from a local network which allowed Users to access the same files and emails from specific computers. Moving this online shifts access from each computer station to each individual User, and means that Users can access it from any internet connected device in any location. All while enjoying the latest versions of the standard Microsoft apps.

It’s the Gold Standard of modern computing systems for home and business.

Enhanced Access

Imagine if the programs and files on your computer were also available on your tablet,  your laptop,  your phone, or any computer you choose to log in from. And that any editing you did on any of those devices would sync to each of the others.

Now imagine that you and your employees have this same access and that you can all edit the same document at the same time and changes will appear in real time as you work on it together.

Think of the possibilities; staff could work from home, from different offices, or even from different countries. The improvement in flexibility and convenience is huge.

Better Technology

Microsoft 365 allows you to use the great programs you’re used to, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and others, on multiple devices, and with automatic updates. You'll have access to the full versions, online versions, and a range of mobile apps which are also compatible. Since your emails and files are stored online, you won’t need your own hefty server or an external, physical back up procedure.

You can have as many password protected User accounts as you need, and you can easily alter the number of Users you have. Your files and emails will be protected from spam and malware, and will be backed up automatically.

A Subscription Service

Microsoft 365 is a subscription service. Instead of paying for the current  license as you would have in the past, you pay a monthly or annual subscription, and you will receive the latest updates automatically.

The price will depend on the type of plan you choose, and the number of Users you have. We usually recommend the Business Standard package but there are lots of different options and it's easy for us to add more Users and make changes to your plan at any stage.

Talk to us today about how we can tailor this package to the needs of your staff and your business.

AvePoint Backup

In 2021 we found a great product to add an extra layer of protection to the Microsoft 365 and SharePoint suite - AvePoint Backup. Microsoft 365 and SharePoint have amazing security and back up systems as standard but we wanted to go even further, with a secondary back up system that's completely separate. AvePoint backs up 100% of your data from Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Project Online, OneDrive for Business, Groups, Teams, Planner, and Public Folders. Data is backed up four times daily and the capacity is unlimited. It's everything you want in a backup system and most of our business clients are already using it.

Complementary I.T. Consultation

By working with Green Mouse you’re not just gaining a local cloud application partner – you’ll benefit from dealing with Senior Consultants with decades of practical business experience.

We understand that any business process solutions must be aligned with the overall organisational objectives in order to be most effective.

Contact us today to book your FREE 1 hour consultation with one of our highly skilled team members.

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