Covid 19 Policy

At Green Mouse Computing we take the health and safety of our clients and staff seriously. We will be using the tools at our disposal to reduce the risk of Covid 19 in our workplace and in our community. 



All Green Mouse Computing Staff are fully vaccinated, and any new staff will be required to be fully vaccinated going forwards. Vaccine Certificates for Green Mouse staff are available to be viewed on request to each staff member.


Staff are required to stay home and get tested for Covid 19 if they are feeling at all unwell with the symptoms of Covid 19. They will advise Kerrin as soon as possible and stay at home until they receive a negative test result.


If a staff member is advised that they have been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid 19 they will stay home and advise Kerrin as soon as possible. They will contact Healthline to report the exposure and follow Ministry of Health guidelines on testing and isolation.

If they find that they have been at a location of interest at a listed time the staff member will advise Kerrin, then call Healthline or register the visit online at

In House Procedures


Visitors to the Green Mouse Computing office are expected to wear a mask and scan in at the door. If they cannot scan in, we will record their visit. In most cases visitors will not need to venture inside; we will talk with them across the table at the door. If a visitor needs to come inside to discuss a job or for training, the visitor must present their Vaccine Certificate. Visitors who cannot present a Vaccine Certificate will not be allowed to enter past the table. The only exception is for people who want to pay by eftpos, but we will encourage visitors to pay at home via internet banking to avoid this. Masks will be worn by Green Mouse staff when interacting with visitors at the office.


Frequently touched surfaces such as phones, the eftpos machine, and the desk will be regularly cleaned. Staff are encouraged to wash hands or use hand sanitizer regularly through the day, and especially after interacting with visitors and the equipment they bring into the office. 

On Site Procedures

Green Mouse Computing will continue to limit our site visits to those that cannot reasonably be carried out remotely via TeamViewer. Our staff will wear masks and observe physical distancing. Our policy is to only attend sites in which everyone else who is eligible at the site has a Vaccine Certificate. A verbal confirmation of that will be sufficient. We will also ask the following question:

To your knowledge is there any chance that anyone on site might have recently been exposed to Covid 19?

  • Been in contact with a confirmed case
  • Been at a location of interest at the specified time
  • Travelled overseas in the last 14 days
  • Suffering from any symptoms of Covid 19

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