Covid 19 - All Green Mouse staff are fully vaccinated. Please call in advance of your visit as we are running a skeleton office crew to minimise potential disruption to service. Visitors to our office must wear a mask and scan in. Vaccine Certificates required for site visits but not drop-offs to the office. Remote assistance is preferred and perfectly workable in most cases: Download Teamviewer for remote support.

About Green Mouse

Why Green Mouse?

Because we really are clever computing experts and are proud to boldly boast that we have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in our industry.

Green Mouse Computing (though rebranded in 2017) has been servicing Cambridge and the greater Waikato area since 1972. We have a long history here and our business model is based on long term successful relationships with our clients. That's why providing quality products combined with excellent service is our policy. 

What makes us different? We listen. The first question we ask our clients is ‘What do you want to achieve?’ then we tailor the right solutions to meet their needs.

The world of computers is ever changing and it's our job to be on top of that to offer our clients the best solutions, whether for individuals or for our many business clients. We provide a total solution - not only the hardware and software, but also training and consulting in business solutions from Point-of-Sale, to Accounting and Payroll systems for small to medium businesses. We implement cloud based solutions, like Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and AvePoint Backup. 

In 2020 we opened our new training space to bring computing training to the Cambridge community. And we provide training in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint for our business clients as well. 

We pride ourselves on our expertise and our customer service. You can trust Green Mouse to get the job done. 

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