Is Scan to Email Broken?

Last week we had a few of our MS365 clients call us about their scan to email suddenly not working. Simon spent some time looking into it and it turned out that Microsoft had turned off a particular function in everyone's settings in an apparent attempt to even further boost security. Unfortunately this function is necessary for those who have their printers or scanners set to scan to email, as opposed to scanning to a folder. Having determined the exact cause of the issue we're able to sort it out very easily by turning that particular function back on - just give us a call and Simon will sort it out for you. 

Alternatively you could scan to a folder rather than to email. The option that best suits you will be determined by what you mostly do with scanned documents. If you're scanning to send to others then sending them to email would be appropriate, but if you want them saved on your computer then you might as well have your scans going to a folder from which you can move them around as necessary using File Explorer.   

Handy tip - if you don't have a scanner you can download a scanner app on your phone that uses your camera to scan documents and then squares them up nicely and reduces the size of image when compared to a photo.