Easter Leave for Employers and Employees

Easter Friday and Monday

An employee can only required to work on a public holiday if it’s written into their employment agreement and it’s a day they would usually work. Otherwise, an employee can be asked to work on a public holiday, but they don’t have to agree.

If an employee works on a public holiday

  • they must get paid at least time and a half
  • if the public holiday falls on what is a normal working day for them, they must also get a paid day off at a later date.

Easter Sunday

Some councils allow shops to open on Easter Sunday; as far as I am aware Waipa District Council does not.

If you are in an area that does allow shops to open, an employee cannot be forced to work that day — and they don’t have to provide a reason.

In order to open on Easter Sunday, staff must be given written notice of their right to refuse to work at least four weeks in advance, but not earlier than eight weeks before.

Easter Sunday is NOT a public holiday. Staff will be paid their normal wage. They are not owed an alternative holiday
If you have an Easter employment related scenario you’re unsure about please feel free to contact us:

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