Massive International Shortage of Chips for Routers

As a result of the disruptions to the supply chain last year and the increased demand for home internet, a big shortage of routers is about to hit. So far the suppliers have enough on hand but they’ve been advised of wait times of up to 60 weeks for more. Check out the details here

The chips are used in a whole stack of computing and communications equipment but since selling to Apple for iPhones is worth more to the supplies than selling them to companies that make routers, the routers will be where the shortage is felt first.

So what does this mean for end users? Basically if your internet has been poor and you want to sort it out, or you think you might need your router replaced anytime soon, or you want to change internet companies which often means a new router – I would get onto that sooner rather than later. And if you have an old one sitting in your cupboard that still works, maybe hold on to that for now.

In fact if you’re looking to upgrade any computing equipment or phones in the near future, you might want to bring that forward. Shortages often lead to price increases.

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