Help! My Inbox is Chaos

Is your email inbox a gigantic mess? Email has become an exercise in constant management. It’s like trying to keep your kitchen clean – if you don’t do it regularly it soon turns into a terrible nightmare. We see inboxes all the time with many thousands of emails where the user has just totally given up.

It can be a simple matter of getting set up, so we would like to offer to help. Come to our office for a half hour session with Gina during May for the discounted rate of $40 and we’ll get your email organised and discuss how to manage it going forwards.

Having a nice tidy inbox is achievable with good systems in place:
  • Organise into folders
  • Deletion
  • Un-subscription

Organise into Folders

You should be able to add folders to your email application. How many and what those folders are called will depend on your individual circumstances. For instance, I have a Receipts, a School, and a general Old Emails folder, as well as others. When I have dealt with the purpose of the email (eg paid the bill), I move it to the relevant folder (ie receipts). So the only emails in my inbox are those which I am yet to deal with. My inbox functions as a to-do list.


Any emails which I have dealt with but do not need to keep, or those that are spam or just not applicable to me are deleted immediately. This is very satisfying.


These days every company wants us to sign up just to process transactions. If you are getting a whole lot of unwanted emails from a particular company you can unsubscribe from their mailing list. This is a legal requirement so any legitimate company will have this – though it will be right at the bottom and very small. Once you start going through this process you’ll find you become better at avoiding signing up to these in the first place.

Come and see Gina for the discounted rate of $40 for a half hour during May – let’s get this sorted out  

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