The New Windows Update and the Value of Restarts

Another Windows update has been released this week – the 21H1 update. This is not a major update, we’re expecting a much larger one around October. You probably won’t notice much difference in terms of functions. Here are the changes listed in this article from The Verge

  • Windows Hello multicamera support to set the default as the external camera when both external and internal Windows Hello cameras are present.
  • Windows Defender Application Guard performance improvements including optimizing document opening scenario times.
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Group Policy Service (GPSVC) updating performance improvement to support remote work scenarios.

What I really want to talk about is how to make sure that your computer is carrying out it’s automatic updates and how to prevent your computer from encountering weird and unnecessary errors – the restart. I’ve spoken about this before but it really is important, especially when a new update is released.

Now you would think, intuitively, that the way to shut your computer down properly would be the shut down option in the power menu (windows button, bottom left). However some time ago Microsoft prioritised a quick start up over a complete shut down and now the shut down option is more of a glorified sleep. In order to get the benefit of a real shut down you actually need to restart, which you will find directly under shut down in the power menu. It’s very important that you carry out a restart regularly; we recommend this at least once a week and as a first step if you encounter any problems at all. It’s also usually the solution if you find that OneDrive has suddenly stopped working. Since there is a new update available (which will be released in waves), now is a good time to do this. We’re finding that even a few weeks without a restart can result in problems.

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