Track and Trace Package Scam

I received this package scam email twice this morning. It’s a fairly poor attempt frankly, claiming to be from NZ Post without even making use of their new logo (or even the old one). Plus the sender address is this give-away: <admin.9m9sgrjwa2pbdplsyz6@coralco.org.uk>

The entire email is a link so wherever you click you’re going to a secondary site, so please don’t click on it. These scammers are trying to take advantage of the lockdown situation where people are ordering packages and courier services are likely a bit slow. It’s right on form – disgusting behaviour as usual. . If you are waiting for a genuine package via NZ post and you need more information please contact NZ Post directly (not via this email). If you have already clicked through the package scam and provided any details as part of this or any other scam please contact us, we’re still available to help remotely during Level 4.

This scam is an example of a Phishing email – where the scammer sends an email purporting to be from a legitimate company or organisation in an attempt to trick you into providing your personal or credit card details, or internet banking login credentials. Here’s the rundown from Netsafe if you’d like to read more.