FaceBook Messenger Scam

Over the long weekend I received a message via Facebook Messenger which was initially quite worrying, especially since I run the Facebook page for Green Mouse Computing and produce content for that page. It also turned up on my phone, which is unusual for scams, but of course I could have accessed Facebook Messenger on either my phone or my computer. 

I've pasted most of the text in the picture above - it was trying to suggest that I'd breached copyright somehow and the FaceBook team were about to block the account. I could see this being effective for three reasons - firstly, the concept of copyright is a thing that everyone seems to understand, even my kids know about it for some reason. Secondly, in the opaque world of FaceBook, where people quite often re-post things, and lots of people are managing business accounts as well, and the processes and the rules are frequently changing, it's almost plausible that one might have made such a mistake. And thirdly, it's also plausible that Facebook might target a user wrongly, or that another user could report you maliciously. And it's basically impossible to contact Facebook to request a remedy.

No doubt the plan is to get hold of people's Facebook login details and then get in touch with their contacts claiming some kind of emergency and asking for money. A family member of mine recently received a message from her daughter on Messenger, saying that she had lost her phone and could she please purchase her a new iPhone. Luckily she called her daughter to ask which model she wanted and of course found out that it was bogus - her daughter's Facebook account had been compromised.   

If you've received the above message please just ignore it. There's no danger as long as you avoid that link.