Covid-19 Alert Level Services

As a business operating to support other essential businesses and people working from home, Green Mouse Computing is an Essential Service and is operational at all Covid-19 Alert Levels. The safety of our clients and staff are very important to us. 

How we provide services at the various Covid-19 Alert Levels:

Level Four – our office is closed and we are working from home. Our technicians are available for remote support via TeamViewer and we can have computer equipment and supplies such as printer toners ordered and sent directly to your address. Download Teamviewer here.

Level Three – our office will remain closed and we will continue to carry out remote work where possible. If you have a problem that requires us to work physically on any device, please ring (or email) to make a booking and arrange for contactless drop off or pick up of the device.

Level Two – our office is open and all staff are on site. Physical distancing, mask use, sanitising measures and signing in will be observed.

Level One – essentially back to normal with sanitising measures and signing in.

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